Sheena's Story

Sheena Melwani is the quintessential ‘next generation’ multi-media artist, with roots as a singer and songwriter. Sheena inspires by using a powerful blend of New Media technologies and contemporary music to globally communicate and influence with a positive spirit. Her travel and life experiences in Canada, Japan, India and USA have allowed her to develop a diverse international fan-base.

Sheena has spent many years developing her style. As a child, she had opportunities to sing in musicals such as the Sound of Music and Les Miserables. She later went on to explore the world of jazz in her high school jazz band, where she had her first studio recording experience at the age of 12 and took part in Montreal's Jazz Festival. Sheena then devoted her time to studying classical and contemporary music at McGill and partaking in a number of performances around the city of Montreal. Sheena also lived in Japan for some time, where she began singing in Japanese.

As a result of her eastern and western experiences and her south Asian roots, Sheena's style incorporates influences from all over the world. She is comfortable singing in English, Hindi, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Given Sheena's online presence and global audience, in order to stay connected with her fans, Sheena broadcasts live shows online. During these broadcasts Sheena engages her audience by singing songs requested in real-time.